Have you ever thought how restaurants can have full visibility over their business in regards to customer service and knowing guests' suggestions on time?

Imagine how time consuming is to gather customers comments and reviews through the traditional paper cards, enter the information into a spreadsheet and then send the data to the management every end of day or week to be able to call back to clients or analyze the service in every branch.

BIM POS Flexsurv is a cost efficient tablet solution as well as an easy to design and fast to evaluate customer service tool that takes your business to a whole new level. Customers rate their experience on the Ipad/Mini, submit their info and you're notified on the spot. Check some videos here.

You want to ask different questions to your customers every time? No Problem!

Save on printing cost and scale your restaurant or cafe with a professional digital comment card software.

Call or whatsapp us at +961.1.246111 for a quotation!

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